3xile - Portuguese server
[PT] ArmA Portugal Exile PVP Server

A public server in europe for a better game experience and low ping.
Join the server and have fun in 3xile MOD.

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Join our Steam group and register on our website!
Get your team speak 3 installation and join us in team speak!

Start with nothing

Start in a parachute, land and go loot nearest houses and facilities
earn money and ranking for a better gaming experience

Find a trading zone

Sell your equipement or buy a new one or upgrade it!
Ther you can get materials, vehicles, helicopters and much more...

Start your base

Start building a base for you and your team and store your treasure.
Get materials to build your base and make defenses.

Explore Tanoa

Survive in the new island Tanoa.
Explore and find all the secrets and places of this mysterious place.

Huge new map

Walk, swim, drive, fly, and sail your way across 100 kmĀ² island.
Lot of locations, such as the rainforests, volcano, shanty towns...

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